Ayşe Kuzu was born in Turkey, and came to Exeter as a refugee in 2000. She runs the popular Dinosaur café with her husband Abdullah.

She was interviewed by Richard Bradbury & Anita Nathwani on 8th March 2013 at the Dinosaur. There are five extracts here – listen to an extract by clicking on the play button. Read the Ayse Kuzu 8th March transcript.

Ayşe and Abdullah also contributed to the 2004 Book “The Road to EX4”

Extract 1

Arriving in England with a two-year old daughter, language confusion.

Extract 2

Memories & feelings about Turkey. Making friends in Exeter.

Extract 3

Ayşe talks about her daughter growing up with two cultures.


Extract 4

Her family’s reaction when she moved to England and her feelings.

Extract 5

Richard asks what she does on her day off, and about her experience of Devon outside Exeter.