Ingrid Esteve Martin is Spanish. She came to Barnstaple in 2018, moving to North Devon from Portsmouth for a fresh start. She lives with her two children and is in the process of establishing her own graphic design company. Being both a volunteer and sharing her story for the project has given Ingrid the opportunity to capture the importance of her journey as a legacy for her children.

“I wanted to participate in in the project as an interviewee because I wanted to leave a record about my family, especially for my children. And the fact that the reason we came here to Devon was for them, especially. I want to make sure that they have got some kind of reminder of why we came here. It is very important as well for them to know about their background.”

Ingrid is a keen supporter of developing positive and creative ways to cope with mental health issues and hopes that her story will help others. Ingrid has herself worked creatively to make sense of the things that she has endured, using her design skills to make a short film which looks at the aftermath of abuse, the death of her mum and a heartbreak.

Ingrid feels that her family and her family values have been at the heart of helping her surpass all her difficulties. Her identity as a Christian is also very important to her. She reflects now that her faith is one of the things which has kept her going during lockdown and which has helped her to meet challenges, including anxiety.

She says:

“I always try to be positive, do my best.
I am blessed and with the support of friends and my family everything is possible”


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