There are two sets of learning resources available to accompany the project: one for schools, and one for adults and/or families. Home-educators can make use of either – or both!

Our resources have been devised by education, heritage and diversity specialists. They are designed to get children and adults thinking, talking and learning about diversity in Devon’s history, and to encourage them to reflect on their own connections to family, place and heritage.

Schools resources are accessible through the ‘Do It At School’ tab. There is a KS2 and KS3 resource pack available, with accompanying multimedia files. National Curriculum linkages are indicated in the Teachers’ Notes. Activities can be delivered as one-off sessions, or as part of a scheme of work.

Adult / family resources are accessible through the ‘Do It Yourself’ tab. These activities have been designed as a series of participatory ‘challenges’, all of which are easily achievable at home and require no or minimal resources.

The Telling Our Stories archive has been built from community contributions to research and story-gathering. If you have new stories, photos, or experiences to share with us after trying out our Learning Resources, we’d love to see or her about them. You can share them with us on social media or by emailing us at

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