Hello superstar story-finders. Are you ready to be an archaeologist of personal objects, a discoverer of undiscovered items?

Here’s our next Family Challenge. You can repeat this one for as many objects as you can get your hands on!

The Special Object Challenge

  1. Ask someone from your family to choose an object which is special to them.
  2. Take a photo or do a drawing of it.
  3. Get them to tell you the story of the object, in their own words.
  4. Ask them questions about it:

For example:

  • “Where is it from?”
  • “Who gave it to you?”
  • “Why is it special to you?”
  • “Why did you choose this item?”
  • “Did anyone own it before you?”

5. Find a way to record their answers.

For example, you could:

  • Build a mini museum and write their answer on an ‘object card’ which you put in front of the object.
  • Take a video of them holding the object and talking about it.
  • Write down what they say.
  • Make a drawing of the object and annotate it (write notes about it all around the picture).

6. Share a photo or a video of your challenge with us, by posting on our Facebook page @tellingourstoriesdevon or emailing it to us at dde@globalcentredevon.org.uk.