Come on in
(Refugees are here to stay)
Come on in
Come on in
Come on in and sit you down
Come on in and welcome to my home
Come on in and welcome to your story
Come on in and share it all with mine
And you know you’re more than welcome
And we know you’re here to stay
We’ll have to fight, together, for acceptance
‘Cos nothing less, nothing less will do, we say
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Migration is …
Migration is from the womb to birth
Migration is hearing a mother’s voice
Migration is ideas passing into the head – and leaving too
Migration is ideas passing between people
Migration is moving to a new home
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The Ballad of the Fearless Benjamin Lay
Benjamin Lay was a giant of man, though barely four feet tall.
He never knew fear and he never backed down, he faced the slavers all
He fought with fearless courage for what he knew was right
He carried on his noble cause, searching for the light
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The Sea is Slavery
Four hundred years across the waves, the nameless dead are gathering.
Bodies cast from their wooden dungeons
Engulfed by the mighty Atlantic waters.
Eroded by the constant movement of the wild, restless waves deep beneath.
Corroded by the salt.
Finally erased
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We’ve Got to Tear These Fences Down Yeah!
The higher they build their barriers
The stronger we’ll become.
We’ve got to tear these fences down, yeah,
We’ve got to tear these fences down. X2 rpt
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