‘Local Black History, a beginning in Devon’ researched by Historian Lucy MacKeith was published by the Archive and Museum of Black Heritage in 2003,  the booklet is now out of print but is available to read here. There is an accompanying trail to this booklet Starting to Trace Black History in Devon.  Lucy’s in-depth research never loses sight of the human story and as she puts it so well in the introduction to her booklet:

“…Black history is not only for black people.   It is not only to be found in the history of big cities and ports.   Looking at black history in Devon, and similar parts of Britain, helps us to understand the links between local, national and world history.  The study of a few exceptional individuals is not the beginning and end of black history.   There are stories about black people to be discovered in all walks of life and in all areas.  I hope to show that there is more to discover and that we need this information to get a balanced view of our country, and our country’s past.   The uncovering of facts can alter our view of history.   This is the ‘missing part of our history’.” Lucy MacKeith 2003

Portrait of Joe Green which emerged from Lucy’s research: Footman to the Quicke family of Newton St. Cyres in the 1760s.