George Walker at homeGeorge Walker was born in Exeter in 1930, and grew up in Newtown. He still lives near Exeter. George contacted us after this website was launched to tell us about Madam Josephine. His story opened up a fascinating new piece of research.

Ghee Bowman and Crystal Carter interviewed him at his house on 8th October 2013. We were amazed at his crystal-clear memory and loved his story-telling. George talked mostly about his memories of the Second World War, when he was at Newtown school in Exeter.

There are 7 extracts below – click on the play arrow to hear the recording. Read the full transcript. 

Extract 3

George remembers Madam Josephine.

Extract 4

Mr Morelli’s ice cream shop on Summerland St.

Extract 5

Being a child in Exeter in the war. June 1940 – after Dunkirk there were French soldiers in Exeter.

Extract 6

Witnessing Fights between Black GIs and White GIs who were segregated by the river Exe.

Extract 10

German Prisoners of War in Exeter. Some were stationed on Haldon Hill, and one married a woman from Chudleigh and stayed on after the war.

Extract 11

April 26th 1942: the Exeter Blitz. A direct hit on Portland St.