Ilana Pires came to Exeter from Brazil in 1998, with her then husband. She has three children and works as a Cultural Champion in Devon schools.

Ravi Nathwani and Myra Fonceca interviewed Ilana in her home in Exeter in February 2013. There are six extracts here. Read the summary transcript.

Extract 1

Ilana tells us of her first trip to England in July 1998 with her husband, and her first experience of English cuisine.

Extract 2

Ilana talks about her life as a Brazilian Mum in Exeter

Extract 3

Ilana talks about Portuguese language and cultural differences and the attitude of her husband’s family

Extract 4

Ravi asks her if she thinks England is better than Brazil

Extract 5

Ilana talks about the experience of living in a different culture, and the need for balance

Extract 6

Ilana talks about her children and how they see their identity (the oldest has 2 Brazilian parents,  the younger two have an English father)