Magda came to Exeter from Poznań in Poland in 2004. She has married a local man, and has worked in a variety of jobs. She is now a freelance consultant in the fields of health and social care.

She was interviewed at her home on 27th February 2013 by Chantal Kouadio and Di Cooper. She wanted us to call her ‘Magda from Poland’.

There are 6 extracts here – listen by clicking on the play button below. Read the transcript.

Extract 1

Coming to Exeter, first impressions. What she likes & dislikes about Exeter.

Extract 2

Magda talks about Poles returning to Poland, and considers whether she would go back.

Extract 3

Jobs that she’s done in Exeter. Chantal asks how she has progressed from working in a bowling alley to social care work.

Extract 4

Experience of being interviewed on Radio Devon about migrant workers

Extract 5

Experience of discrimination at work, and friends’ experience of racism.

Extract 6

Chantal asks Magda how she finds being in a bi-cultural marriage.