Masuad Ali and Shahidur RahmanMohammed Abdullah, Shahidur Rahman (far right), and Sayed Masuad Ali (right) are three of the founders of Exeter mosque. They are all British Bangladeshis from Sylhet, who came to Exeter in the late 60s and early 70s, and have run some of the oldest ‘Indian’ restaurants in the city, including the Curry House and the Taj Mahal.

Nazima Khan and Mona Hassan interviewed them on 28th January 2013 at Exeter Mosque. Click on the play arrows below to listen to the extracts. Read the summary transcript.  

Extract 1

Mohammed Abdullah talks about food in Exeter in the late 60s, and where they prayed (Jummah is the congregational Friday prayer). He also talks about 15 York Road – initially rented, then purchased as Exeter’s first mosque in 1977.

Extract 2

Mohammed Abdullah talks about raising money to buy the building, getting help from the wider community.

Extract 3

Mohammed Abdullah talks about his children  and Muslim families in Exeter.

Extract 4

Shahidur Rahman talks about his feelings about Devon.

Extract 5

Shahidur Rahman talks about being the first Sylhet Bangladesh people in Exeter.

Extract 6

Sayed Masaud Ali recalls his brother-in-law Shahidur Rahman’s decision to come to Exeter.

Extract 7

Sayed Masaud Ali talks about his daughter at Maynard school in the 70s (another conversation in the background).