Mr Pang was born in Swindon in 1932, but his father took the family back to China in 1934, where they spent the war. They returned to England in 1947 and lived in Weston-super-Mare. The family opened a restaurant in Taunton in 1960, and in 1968 they opened the first Chinese takeway in Exeter – the Orient on Heavitree Fore St, which is still there.

Mr Pang is married and has five children. He wrote his autobiography, with Laura Joint, entitled Our Story

Gordon Chang and Sasi Phongploenpis interviewed Mr Pang in January 2013 at the Global Centre. Listen to the extracts by clicking on the play buttons below. Read the full transcript.

Extract 1

Mr Pang talks of his early life

Extract 2

Coming to Exeter and opening a takeaway, and the hard work involved.

Extract 3

What they sold in the takeaway in 1968 and since.

Extract 4

The takeaway also sold Fish ‘n’ chips. Mr Pang talks about peeling potatoes, and preparing fish.

Extract 5

Gordon asks Mr Pang if he feels British or Chinese.