We had wonderful weekend at the Respect Festival 2013. Telling Our Stories and the Global Centre had a big marquee and engaged the public in a range of activities:

  • Asking ‘Where does racism hurt?’ – People responded to the question by positioning post-its on the mannequin to reflect the physical and psychological effects of racism
  • Asking people ‘Where do you come from?’ – over 200 people stuck pins in a big map of the world.
  • Map of Exeter where people wrote ideas for the Telling Our Stories guided tour
  • A quiz about Exeter’s Multi-cultural history – over 100 entries
  • Tables to sit down at and play games
  • Displays and info
  • The Human Library – people could chat to our volunteers about the project and about their stories


All of these activites were fun and also thought-provoking, and our presence at Respect helped spread the word about the project to hundreds of people.