Further developing their skills and confidence, our volunteers took part in Oral History Training this week, led by our Honiton Coordinator, JessHuffman.

With microphones in hand, they experimented with recording equipment, tried out interviewing techniques and learnt how to present stories in new and interesting ways.

Through mock interviews and interactions, volunteers learnt how deeply personal and empowering oral histories can be – how they can fill in the gaps of our social and historical understanding and even counter the official recounts of the time.

Our volunteers will be using their newly-honed skills to help local people recount stories about Honiton and Ilfracombe’s multicultural past. To find out more about Jess’s Oral History Training, and the role of storytelling in the Telling Our Stories project, read her blog “Tellers of Stories”.

If you live in Honiton or Ilfracombe and have a story to tell we would love to hear from you. Just contact Jess (Honiton) at jesstosfor@gmail.com or Abi (Ilfracombe) abitosfor@gmail for more information.