Michal Brandstatter is a 55-year-old educator and photographer. She came to Okehampton 15 years ago, moved away two years ago, and has recently moved back after living in France and South Devon. 

Born in Israel, Michal moved to England at the age of 4, and has since lived in New Zealand and France, as well as studying in America. However, she has spent most of her life living in Devon, and wonders what that draw continues to be …

Michal has had an eclectic professional life, having been a teacher, freelance practitioner, photographer and has just now got a job as an Education Mentor and Support Worker. She has worked in establishments as varied as the police, bookshops, rehabilitation centres and residential homes!

Michal spoke of her varied life: her Christianity, her veganism, her motherhood, and her spiritual/personal journey, especially what it means to have a bi-cultural heritage in Devon. She feels that the core of her identity is her faith, and, that, having changed her name – and the spelling of it – many times throughout her life, she feels peaceful and ‘complete’ to have come to see, express and understand herself best as:

“Michal with a C”.

In her interview, Michal also talks about her early life in Israel; her personal experience with ‘secular Judaism’ there; coming to Okehampton; finding Christianity shortly after – and the many layers and complexities of her identity.

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NOTE ON TRANSCRIPT: Michal has lightly edited her transcript for readability. Please contact us if you would like to access a verbatim transcript.

NOTE ON PERMISSIONS FOR USE: Michal would like to be informed about any future use of her interview. Contact details can be obtained from Devon Development Education here.