G3.1 Polish Navy

Jan Stepek (front row,1st left) in the Polish navy in Egypt, 1943, visiting the pyramids and the sphinx. (Martin Stepak collection)

G3.2 Polish Navy

Kazirmierz Szypillo (1st left) in the Polish army in Piertermarizburg, South Africa, whilst England-bound in 1942 (Stefan Szypillo collection)








G3.3 Polish Navy

Aleksander Szypko (2nd left, back row) with the Polish army in the Middle East whilst England-bound in 1942
(Peter Szypko collection)

G3.4 Polish Navy

Crew of the destroyer ORP Piorun on convoy duty in arctic North Russia, 1943
(Peter Szypko collection)










G3.5 Polish Navy

Stanislaw Olszowski (3rd from right front row) and the crew of Polish submarine ORP Jastrzab, New London, Connecticut, USA, 1941 (Tony Olszowski collection)

G3.6 Polish Navy

Stanislaw Olszowski (centre) and other Polish Midshipmen from the submarine ORP Orzel stationed in Rosyth, Scotland, 1940 (Tony Olszowski collection)









G3.7 Polish Navy

Stanislaw Olszowski in tropical uniform on board the Polish destroyer, ORP Burza off Freetown, Sierra Leone 1943 (Tony Olszowski collection)

G3.8 Polish Navy

Cadets in Casablanca, Morocco, September 1939 (Tony Olszowski collection)













G3.9 Polish Navy

Officer Cadets. AMW Oksywie, Gydnia, 1939 (Tony Olszowski collection)

G3.10 Polish Navy

Kazirmierz Szypillo (circled) with other Polish sailors from ORP Piorun in Malta during the 1943 Allied Italian campaign (Stefan Szypillo collection)