During World War Two Tiverton hosted a number of Black and White American soldiers.

By 1943 Tiverton was home to both Black and White American GIs, who were housed separately in different parts of the town. Several news reports provide evidence of their presence. 

Relations between the different groups were generally harmonious, but there were also occasional problems, with conflicts between White and Black GI’s recorded in local news reports. 

One of the more light hearted stories found by researchers includes a tale of a group of Black GI’s who helped the Tiverton sea cadets. The cadets had moved from Knightshayes to Leat St and needed to clear a space for a parade ground. A request was made to the American troops for help in return for the princely sum of beer and sandwiches. 5 to 8 Black soldiers came and helped clear the site in a single, enjoyable day.