In May 1949,  Mr Peter Manjlovic and Miss Olga Kush, two European Voluntary Workers, were married at St Peter’s Church.

From the Devon and Somerset News – May 18th 1949:


Interesting ceremony in Tiverton

Two European Volunteer Workers, who met at Tiverton’s International Friendship League, were married at St Peter’s  Church, Tiverton according to the rights of the Greek Orthodox Church.

The groom was Mr Peter Manjlovic from Yugoslavia, who was working for the Devon Agricultural Committee and living at the Bolham Road Hostel.

The bride was Miss Olga Kush, a Ukrainian who had been working at the John Heathcoat Factory, since December 1947.

The ceremony was conducted by Rev. E. Popovic from Bristol.

The bride was given away by the warden of the Bolham Hostel, Mr Black, whilst his 4 year old daughter was bridesmaid. The Best Man was the Groom’s brother, Mr Sava Manjlovic.

The Greek Orthodox religious ceremony was quite different: the groom and bride wore flower coronets and carried candles which they gave to two male guests known as Godbrothers, who act in a similar fashion to godparents in the English baptismal service. A glass of wine was passed between the Groom, the Bride, the Godbrothers and Best Man, and each took three sips.  


Volunteer Researchers: Sue Stephens and Wendy Nichols