Dinosaur cafeAbdullah Kuzu was born in Turkey, and came to Exeter as a refugee in 2000. He runs the popular Dinosaur café by the clock tower with his wife Ayşe.

He was interviewed by Richard Bradbury & Anita Nathwani on 6th February 2013 at the Dinosaur. There are seven extracts here – listen to an extract by clicking on the play button. Read the full transcript here.

Abdullah and Ayşe also contributed to the 2004 Book “The Road to EX4”


Extract 1

First impressions of Exeter, London vs Exeter, Multi-culturalism.

Extract 2

Culture clash regarding his daughter. External noise at the end of this extract.

Extract 3

Identity – Feeling Turkish or British? First coming to the UK, going to college in London. External noise at the end of this extract.

Extract 4

The Dinosaur cafe’s transition  from Greasy spoon to Turkish meze bar.

Extract 5

What do you feel when you go back to Turkey?

Extract 6


Extract 7

Abdullah’s message to Exeter.